Frequently Ask Question

1. What is “Interest-Free Home”?

We are the first and totally “Interest-free” investment opportunity for your dream living, and for your future needs. Developed with dynamic needs for modern living, and with all amenities of life, we become your primary choice once you visit us. We make you free from filthy mortgage challenges, hidden charges, and a lot of taxes.

2. Where are we located?

The exact address to our site is 1190 Doherty’s, Tarneit Road Victoria, Melbourne.

3. Easy to Access?

Interest-free home” Melbourne Located at just 5 minutes’ drive to Islamic college and virgin marries mosque, the entertainment hub of Melbourne “ Werribee shopping center is only 10 minutes ’drive. With its quick Access to M1 freeway, it’s an Ideal location. Also, Newly opened Transit Railway Station is also at a proximate distance that makes Interest Free Home more valuable than any other locations.

4. How should I Start?

Simply visit our site office on given address or call us to fix your appointment with our consultant. Our consultant will let you know all details and requirements that you need to fulfill before the start. Once your record is with us, our correspondent will stay in touch with you and will guide you on every step.

5. How much property, can I buy?

There is no limit of purchasing, all depends on your needs but we had limited lots and our previous projects gives us some trusted clients which make this a hot property as well. We had 10 lots of 350SQM only. Therefore, better make hurry.

6. Am I purchasing at the same price as in Australia?

We already had a strong market presence and successful past projects which make us best among our competitors. As we already know Australian markets are highly competitive, there are very free places which give you chance for Smart investment Opportunities, free from any additional cost. So, you don’t have to worry about the cost.

7. How can your management assist me in investment procedure?

Although the process is very simple, we are located in Melbourne, Victoria. We had some best people working with us, they know how to answer your queries in while purchasing or either you are investing with us. Our employees are very professional and we also care for insecurities while investing.

8. Is it good to work directly with a developer or any agent involved?

We don’t involve any agents because sometimes they cause confusions. We are proud developers and you will work directly with us. No third party is involved. We believe in clear understanding of all terms and conditions.

9. Is there any resale restrictions?

There are no resale restrictions, you can purchase and resale your property anytime once your payment records are clear with us.

9. Are your properties are legally verified?

Interest-free Home is located in a prime location so there is no needs to worry for legal verification. You can ask your own. We are registered with all local authorities and have verified documentations. So there is no need to worry about anything .

11. What are measurement, and dimensions of lots?

Interest-Free Home Melbourne Located at just 5 minutes’ drive to Islamic college and virgin marry mosque, entertainment hub of Melbourne “ Werribee shopping center is only 10 minutes ’drive

12. How much are tax and working charges involved?

A single lot of 350 SQM had AUD 185,000 (Plus Development Charges). A deposit of AUD30000 Should be made at the time of Purchasing, the balance will be paid in Monthly installments.

13. Are there any hidden charges?

We are few in Australia who creates an opportunity for its clients to avoid Mortgage Challenges, hidden charges, and other fraudulent documentations. Apart from development charges, there aren’t any hidden charges. We believe in transparent working only.

14. Can’t find the answer for what you are looking for?

Didn’t find what in your mind? If you can’t find anything which is not listed in Questions, or either in our website, feel free to contact us anytime.