Buyer Guide

Buyer Guide

Australia is the land of opportunities now, because of its welcoming land. It's attractive cities, sunny beaches, and friendly nature of its cities makes it’s at the top of most livable countries in the world. Melbourne is huge metropolises with is beautiful skylines, and diverse people. With its Sunny beaches, people's lifestyle, cultural practices, multicultural environment makes its top choice for your investments, especially for your dream living.

With its immigrant’s friendly policies, it’s very easy to purchase properties in here, on the other hands complex procedures of purchasing and investment makes it hard anywhere else in the world. Proofs of legal transfers, agent’s fee, solicitor’s fee and filthy government taxes are hurdles for many investors. Apart from few legal but easy step, you can invest with us.

If it’s your first purchase things might get confusing for you while purchasing in Melbourne. Therefore, we understand the insecurities and question what comes to your mind. Our consultants are always there to help yours without any extra charges. Our experts at “Interest-free home” are always looking forward to giving you additional support. From start to end, we are always here to give you any assistance and professional support.

Understanding the values of your investments.

Always make open inspections to land, and determine the best place for your dream home, what kind of housing lots are you’re looking for. Estimate future profits and values of our land.

Once you made your decision, simply call us to fix an appointment any anytime. We will give you all sought of information that you need. You can call us at 1300 049 800 or email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. with your details. We will respond you as soon as possible.

Initial information gathering and Documentation

Once you have received all the information about the land, amenities, developments and installment plans. We will carry your documentation process and help you're out in pursued out the paperwork. According to our checklist, we collect necessary documents step by step with your consent.

Formal Appointments

After the collection of all the documents next, there will be a formal meeting. We will let you know installment plans, working procedures, and next step. We always welcome your queries, because there are a lot of things that are required to discuss before starting the actual purchasing.

Payment plans

Out of 185,00AUD (Plus development charges), an initial deposit of AUD 1,000 will be made in exchange for a contract. The remaining balance will be paid according to payment plans per months. Here you will take the benefits because we are totally interest-free.

Purchasing properties in Melbourne sometimes become tricky, because sometimes purchasers are unaware of hidden policies, charges, and taxes. Interest-free home is smart investment opportunity developed by viewing your needs. Its nearest locations include Gurumandir, Church, and Clubs, shopping centers, parks, school, and colleges. Everything is at just a few minutes of drive.